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Lakana WPF Navigation is a lightweight yet powerful navigation Framework for Windows Presentation Foundation. It is part of Lakana  Framework (the other part being Lakana WPF Forms).
It will offer you a powerful navigation capabilities (similar to MDI navigation style) that can be easily leveraged thanks to its simple API. You can also use it with both MVVM and non-MVVM projects.

Features :

  • MDI-like navigation style
  • Modal windows
  • Messages boxes
  • Graceful application shutdown
  • Support for both MVVM and non-MVVM projects.
  • Custom animation for screen transitions

MDI navigation style

Lakana offers a non-linear style of navigation that is, you can navigate between views in any direction you want, unlike linear navigation as implemented by internet browser for instance.
You can also stack views, which will allow you to have a kind of local linear navigation and that can be very useful in certain scenarios.

Modal windows

Lakana offers API that allow you to display your views as modal on top of another one.


Message boxes

Lakana implements standard customizable message boxes.


Graceful application shutdown

Lakana manages for you the tricky task of gracefully shutdown the application.
Sometimes for a lot of reasons, you just want to prevent the application from closing. This will be the case if some tasks are still running and you want to be able to terminate them gracefully before closing the application. Lakana offers an elegant manner to handle those kind of problem.


MVVM and non MVVM projects are both supported

You can use the framework with existing or new project (may it use MVVM or not). Because Lakana is simple and enough decoupled from other application concerns, you can use it with both MVVM and non-MVVM applications.

Custom animation for screen transitions

You may want to animate screen transitions. Lakana offers some animations out of the box, furthermore you can implement your own.


A sample application is available, don’t hesitate to give it a try, then if you want to dive deeper, you can consult the Quickstart documentation.


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