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Project Description

Lakana is a set of lightweight frameworks which main goal is to tackle some tricky problems that Windows Presentation Foundation developers can encounter very often, especially when they use the Model View View-Model design pattern.
It is composed of two independent yet compatible products :

  • Lakana WPF Navigation : that offers an easy to use and lightweight navigation framework.
  • Lakana WPF Forms : a lightweight framework that offers features for editable data forms such as asynchronous validation, error notifications management, fluent API and so forth.

Lakana v1 is composed by onlythe former product, that is the navigation framework. The current version is Lakana v2.

Lakana is now available on Nuget.

As a side note, a “Lakana” is a rudimentary hand-made canoe that is used by Malagasy fishermen.


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Twitter : @gasytek, #lakana

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